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Bauer Performance Water Transcends the Limitations of Regular Water

Biofilm has many negative impacts on systems, including becoming a reservoir for pathogenic bacteria, and greatly reducing heat transfer in systems. Once microorganisms merge with the biofilm, they become resistant to standard cleaning methods, including chemical treatment.

The Bauer Processor is able to remove and prevent regrowth of biofilm.

The Bauer Processor introduces nanobubbles with unique properties that are far superior to traditional chemical methods. The result is a breakthrough in energy efficiency, filtration and productivity.

Improved heat transfer in heating and cooling systems

Reduced corrosion of systems

Increased effectiveness of water treatment processes

Enhanced quality of chemical and industrial processes


What Are Nanobubbles

Learn the benefits of nanobubbles and what makes them so special.

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How Are Nanobubbles Generated

Learn about the Bauer method and the Bauer Nanobubbles generator.

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