Nanobubbles have an extensive range of applications across many industries.
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Nanobubbles Applications

Nanobubble technology is currently being incorporated into a massive range of applications across all industries.

Some of the current and expected applications include…


Bottled water
Carbonated water
Carbonated soft drinks
Flavoured water
Water conditioning units
Water for spas, baths, whirlpools, swimming pools, water filtering units
Water for use in irrigation of vegetables, plants, trees, crops
Water for use in the manufacture of detergents
Water for use in livestock and pet feeding

Dairy Related…

Alcohol Related…
Alcoholic brewery beverages
Alcoholic cocktails
Distilled spirits

Ice Related…
Ice cubes
Packing ice
Industrial ice.

Meat Related…
Frozen meat
Smoked meat
Canned meat.

Dental gel
Dental rinses
Denture cleaning preparations
Water for use in Dental office

Cosmetic Related…
Eye washes
Water for use in manufacturing cosmetics
Water for use in manufacturing pharmaceuticals and medicinal products.

Steam Related…
Steam generators
Water for use in manufacturing steam
Steam-assisted gravity drainage services
Water for steam sanitation and steam cleaning
Steam for use in extraction of oils from oil deposits
Steam for use in Steam-assisted gravity drainage services.

Cleaning Related…
All purpose cleaning preparations
Machines for cleaning surfaces using high pressure water
Dish washing machines
Carpet cleaning
Cleaning of buildings
Diaper cleaning
Clothes washing machines
Fur cleaning, care and repair services
Jewellery cleaning
Leather cleaning
Pool cleaning
Car/Truck/Bus/Train/Ship/Airplane washes

Oils Related…
Anti-rust oil
Baby oil
Bath oil
Catalysts for use in oil processing
Chemical additives for oil well drilling fluid
Cooking oil
Drilling fluids for oil and gas wells
Drilling mud for oil well drilling

Auxiliary fluids for use with abrasives for the oil well industry

High pressure water Jetting system for the gas and oil industry

Edible oil
Fuel oil
Heating oil
Industrial oil
Insulating oil for transformers
Mineral oil
Motor oil
Motor oil additives
Oil and gas well treatment
Oil for use in the manufacture of candles
Oil for use in the manufacture of cosmetics
Oil for use in the manufacture of paints
Rubbing oil for wood
Petroleum jelly
Diesel fuel
Aviation fuel
Fuel additives
Fuel for domestic heating.

Health Related…
Protein for use as a food additive
Protein for use as a food filler
Water for use in the purification of proteins
Nutritional supplements for building body mass
Nutritional supplements for general health and well-being
Water-processed animal and plant protein.

Paint Related…
Oil-based paints
Water-based paints

Water for use in the manufacture of solvents

Water for use in the manufacture of paints


Waste water treatment services
Water and sewer management
Water quality control services
Consulting services related to the administration of water purification strategies
Leasing of water purification equipment
Rental of water purification equipment
Food sanitation consultation services
Sanitation engineering