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How are Nanobubbles Generated?

Conventional Methods

Micro-nanobubble and Nanobubble generators utilize pressurized dissolution, electrolysis or by swirling fluids in a mixing chamber and then feeding the fluids through a single shear point, injector, or venturi to produce air bubbles having a mean particle size of >200 nm. The majority of these systems require an external air supply and more importantly they do little to enhance the electrochemical properties of water.

The Bauer Method

The Bauer Nanobubbles  Generator is a proprietary, highly engineered device that utilizes a sophisticated pattern of cavitation chambers and shear planes to initiate a controlled endothermic reaction which produces a high concentration of paramagnetic oxygen nanobubbles with a mean particle size between 50 -100 nm, while at the same time altering the chemical equilibrium of ionic species in water.
Cavitation is the formation of gas bubbles of a flowing liquid in a region where the pressure of the liquid falls below its vapor pressure.